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Using Different Date Format formula in Calculated Field

Display DD-MMM-YYYY format
=TEXT(Created,”dd MMM yyyy”)
Display 1st Day of the Month
Some one in the document library was looking for this format based on document creation date. Different project managers submit status reports to their higher manager in a sharepoint document library. Status reports should be displayed in grouping based on creation date of document. Grouping should be on 1st day of that month. so here is the formula that was used in a calculated field and that field was used in grouping.
1st Day of Week (Monday)
=[mydate] – WEEKDAY([mydate], 3) Last Day of Week (Sunday)
=[mydate] – WEEKDAY([mydate], 3) + 6 

Date add year or month

Scenario was that calculate next training screen date for an employee based on most recent training date. If most recent date is any day of November or December, It should be 12.31 of next year otherwise it should be most recent training date + 14 months. Below is simple formula to acheive it in calculated column.

=IF(MONTH([Most Recent Training Date])>=11,DATE(YEAR([Most Recent Training Date])+1,12,31),DATE(YEAR([Most Recent Training Date]),MONTH([Most Recent Training Date])+14,DAY([Most Recent Training Date])))

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  1. d
    March 5, 2012 at 11:49 pm

    I have a column for “Project Started” that contains a date.
    I now want to create a cacluated field which shows how many weeks have passed since that Project Started date. Any pointers what is the best way to acheive this?

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