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Get SPListItem value using field InternalName

August 26, 2008 Leave a comment
You can get a field value of SPListItem object using its display name like SPListItem[“yourFieldName”] but this does not work always. Because SPListItem indexer require Field Internal name that sharepoint use. Most of the time Display name and internal name is same. but if your display name has some special character in it etc  then sharepoint will keep Internal name different. In any case you should always use Field internal name to get SPListItem column value. This is a best practice
//Assuming here that you already have your SPWeb object with the variable name web.
SPList yourList = web.Lists["Your list name"];

//Assuming here that you already have your SPLISTItem
//object with the variable name oSPListItem.

string sColumnValue = 
oSPListItem[yourList.Fields["yourSiteColumn display name"].InternalName].ToString();
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SharePoint E-Commerce Site Solution Tips

August 18, 2008 Leave a comment
How we can utilize SharePoint for an ECommerce site. Some site like where we can maintain product list and having shopping cart with it. etc.
Solution Tips
In this option you design your public facing site in SharePoint. Master pages, layout pages, different custom and out of box web parts to perform different functions and display purposes is done in sharepoint. However Product cataloq list can be maintained in Microsoft commerce server. Benefit of using Microsoft Commerce server in this case is that it comes up with product cataloq modules and you can easily write code in your web part to display products and use commerce server functionalities to maintain Order placing and order history etc. Infact it is a very good combination to develop a public facing ecommerce site. We have worked for some customers in this option. Site is working great and is very easy to manage. This solution is using SharePoint 2007 as content Management solution and Commerce server to manage e-commerce functionality.

this option mentioned above is expensive. however if you do not want to use commerce server, you can maintain your product list and order history in sql database and in your web part write code to display orders, develop shopping cart and order placement. this is still good but code effort is more. but overall SharePoint will be your portal & content management solution either internal use or public facing.  

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