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Writing Nested IF formula for Calculated Field in Sharepoint 2007

February 22, 2008 21 comments
Some one asked a queston about writing nested IF formula. There was really no documentation available for supported Formulas in Sharepoint Calculated column. I spent some time to answer it to some one and i thought i should share it on my BLOG so it can help others as well.
A Custom List has a Probability column and a Calculated column was required to show the Probability Status. In this case user only had WSS so they only had the option to use a Calculated formula to Show a String value representing the Status. Requirement was Show a Status based on Probability below is some representation of requirement.
0 Never
1-10 Unlikely,
10-40 Possible,
40-70 Likely,
>70 Very Likely,
Solution Calculated Formula
Create a Column with type "Calculated (calculation based on other columns) "  and specify the below formula to achive Nested IF based on Probability column value.
=IF(Probability=0,"Never",(IF(Probability<10,"Unlikely",IF(Probability<40,"Possible",IF(Probability<70,"Likely","Very Likely")))))
Please ask any questions if you have on writing formula.
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